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Kitsune’s Top 10 Dog Toy Picks for 2010


According to The American Pet Product Association, in 2010 American pet owners will spend an estimated $47.7 billion on their pets! Pets have become a normal part of American society. With that in mind, many owners will soon be looking for holiday gifts for their furry friends.

My dog, Kitsune, just so happens to be an expert when it comes to dog toys! If you're looking for Christmas present ideas for a dog who also enjoys toys, you might consider some of the toys on this list.


Kitsune's top 10 dog toys 2010

  1. Kongs: Kongs are a classic dog toy! They come in a verity of sizes and can be stuffed with any tasty snack that will fit in them, to work your dogs brain and give them a rewarding way to satisfy their urge to chew!
  2. Snuggle Puppies: Snuggle puppies are plush toys that only have stuffing in their heads. They have a Velcro closed compartment in their stomachs, and come with a heart that really beats (runs on batteries). They are great for puppies who are just getting used to being away from their mothers, but older dogs love them too!
  3. Baby Dragons: Baby dragons are cute toys that use chew guards to help them stand up to even the roughest pups!
  4. Tuffie Toys: Like the name suggests, these toys are tough! The come in a verity of sizes and strengths, so you can find the toy that's right for your dog.
  5. Tennis balls: For those fetch fans out there!
  6. Crazy Critters: These stuffing free dog toys are great for dogs who enjoy destroying and destuffing toys. They are floppy and many dogs enjoy throwing them around.
  7. Puzzle Plush: Like buying 4 toys in one! Each Puzzle Plush comes with three small plush squeaky toys, and a fabric hideout for them. Your dog will have lots of fun trying to pull the toys from their hideout, and will enjoy playing with the squeaky toys independently as well! Puzzle toys work your dogs brain and are good for preventing boredom.
  8. Loofa Dogs: Not the strongest dog toys in the world, but a lot of dogs really enjoy playing with them.
  9. American Kennel Club Green Planet Collection: Toys in this collection are environmentally friendly and fun too!
  10. HuggleHounds Knotties: Made of plush corduroy, each Knotties toy features squeakers and knotted legs that make them easier for your dog to pick up and play with.

Always make sure to choose safe pet toys, to make play time safe as well as fun! Do your dogs enjoy any of the toys listed above? Do they have any other favorites? Whatever type of toys your dog enjoys, playing with your pooch is a great way to exercise them mentally as well as physically, as well as straighten your bond! Set aside some time each day to play with your furry pal, and have fun!

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