Happy (belated) 5th birthday to my ACF’s Nimaway & Yvaine

I don't know if I've written much about Nimaway & Yvaine here so far? I keep meaning to add them to the "My pets" page here but haven't gotten around to it yet.

Nimaway and Yvaine are African Clawed Frogs (ACFs for short). They are fully aquatic frogs, so they live in a aquarium that we recently relocated into our kitchen. And yes, they just turned 5 years old! It may sound old for a frog, but considering that ACFs are sometimes known to live well into their 20's in captivity, they are still quite young! I was able to find a few websites of people who claimed they had ACFs that lived to be over 30 years old. So with any luck on their part, Nimaway and Yvaine with be with us for many many years to come!

Just to tell a bit of their story, since I haven't gotten their info up on the "My pets" page yet, Nim and Yvaine are sisters. When I went to college, I worked part time for the biology department. Part of my job was to take care of the various lab animals and classroom pets, including a pair of adult ACFs. Once in awhile the female frog would lay eggs. I was suppose to dispose of the eggs, but instead randomly decided to try my hand at raising them. Not having anything else to carry the eggs home in, I put them in a water bottle and carried them back to my dorm room inside my purse! I thought it would be interesting to watch them change from eggs to tadpoles and then finally into frogs.

Only 7 out of the countless eggs I took actually turned into tadpoles. They hatched on March 23rd, 2007. A few of the tadpoles survived to turn into frogs, but now 5 years later Nimaway and Yvaine are the only 2 survivors. I'm pretty sure the froglets inherited a genetic defect from their parents, which is why so many of them passed away so young. Nimaway actually has damaged kidneys and requires special attention to her diet, but other than that she's happy and just as active as her sister.

For a couple of years Nimaway and Yvaine lived with my brother, but then when my brother started college he decided he didn't want them anymore and gave them back to me. They are here to stay now!

A random ACF fact - a lot of people say these frogs are actually social. I didn't really believe it at first, but it's interesting to watch how my two girls interact. Despite having a large tank to swim around in and lots of hiding places to hang out, the girls almost always stay together.

So yeah, I wanted to post about their recent 5th birthday! I meant to post on their actual birthday, but coincidentally March 23rd is also my little brothers birthday. He turned 21 this year! So my froggy girls took a back seat to him, although I did make sure they received an extra big meal on their birthday. It's not like there's much else you can get a frog for a gift, and they do love their food!!