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Rest in Peace Yvaine

Yvaine, one of my two African Clawed Frog sisters, passed away this afternoon around 3pm from a bacterial infection that progressed very quickly. She seemed normal when I checked on her and her sister last night, but looked a bit off (but still not horrible) this morning. I moved her into a quarantine/hospital tank as soon as I noticed something was off, and she pretty much went from just acting slightly off this morning to dying this afternoon. It all happened very quickly.

I feel so bad. The only thing I can think of that may have made her sick is that I gave her and her sister Nimaway some feeder fish last week. I don't know if maybe one of the fish she ate was infected? Nothing else in their tank has changed recently, and I'm very careful about keeping their water nice and clean.

Yvaine's sister Nimaway is okay so far, but I'm a bit worried that she could also catch whatever Yvaine did. I'll be keeping a close eye on her.

Yvaine and her sister had just celebrated their birthday on March 23rd. I got them back in 2007, when they where just eggs. I know it's maybe a bit weird to get attached to frogs, but I'm really going to miss Yvaine. I know her sister is going to miss her too - they always use to stay right next to each other despite having a nice big tank.

RIP Yvaine. I expected to have you with me for many many years to come, and am so so sorry you had to leave us early.

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