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Happy April!!

Hard to believe that it's April 1st already! This year is flying by! I decided to be nice this year (so far at least) and haven't played any April fools jokes on anyone. But just to show some April Fool's Day spirit, here's a funny set of pictures I took of Kitsune the other day!

If you can't tell, Kitsune got into the container of baby powder that we keep underneath our bathroom sink. He was doing his best to act innocent, despite the fact that he was covered in powder and I found a paw print trail going from our bathroom into the living room, where Kitsune just happened to be hanging out, covered head to toe in baby powder! I was too busy laughing at him and trying to get funny pictures to be upset at all. Although I was a bit worried that maybe breathing in all that powder wasn't very good for him. Luckily a few days and a bath later, Kitsune is acting like his perfectly normal, goofball self.


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