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Kitsune chewing!

I keep forgetting to post Kitsune's Friday videos on Friday.  Here's the one from yesterday...

I was originally going to do a video of him "talking" in his sleep.  But he's a light sleeper, so the only way I could get a video of him sleeping was to set the video camera on aimed at the couch where he was laying down.  So I got a video of him sleeping, with some cute parts where he's twitching and making sounds and 'chasing squirrels', or in his case probably cats, but the sleeping video was 30 minutes long!  When I sat down to attempt to edit it it was so boring that I nearly fell asleep myself.  Soooo instead I just gave him a chewy and made this video.  Not the most exciting video in the world, but it was more fun to edit!



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