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Save A Dog, the Facebook app with a heart <3

Ah Facebook Apps, love 'em or hate 'em, most people have probably passed at least a little bit of time playing around with a Facebook app.

With Dog Time's Save A Dog, and feline companion Save A Cat, Facebook apps have gone to the dogs (annd..uh...cats?).   Now you can have fun passing time with a Facebook app, while at the same time helping animals!  That's because for every 2,500 points you score on the Save A Dog or Save A Cat, the financial equivalent of a cup of pet food will be donated to a rescue group, to help animals in need.  You can earn points daily by doing things such as virtually fostering real shelter animals,recruiting your friends to using the app, and just for logging in each day.

The app keeps track of your total points, how many cups of food you've earned to be donated, and other stats such as a list of your family pets and favorite shelters.  Browse through thousands of profiles of real homeless pets to find ones in your area to virtually foster, or possibly even to adopt!

After seeing all the Facebook games and apps that are put out merely to make money, it's really nice to see one with a heart.  This is one Facebook "game" that I don't ever feel guilty about spending time on.

Visit Save A Dog by clicking here!



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