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PAWW Pick Pocket Pouch Review

I have another product review today.  This one is for the PAWW Pick Pocket Pouch.  I don't know how long this company has been around.  I just found out about them recently.  They have some pretty unique and innovative products, including leashes and collars with built in pockets, and collapsible pet bowls that double as Frisbees.

For quite awhile I had been looking for a better way to carry around poop bags while walking Kit.  I tried those plastic bag roll holders that you can buy at a lot of grocery stores, but didn't really like them.  They are kind of bulky, and you can only use them with dog poop bag rolls that you have to keep buying separately.  So for most of Kit's life, I've resorted to cramming my pockets full of plastic grocery bags before heading out for a walk.  At least this way I could reuse bags instead of having to buy special bags just to pick up poop.

I found the PAWW Pick Pocket Pouch on Amazon.  They are $15.95 there, and because you can get them shipped directly from Amazon they are eligible for the Super Saver Shipping.  I've only had/been using mine for around 2 weeks now, but so far really like it.  Picking up poops is, lets face it, probably one of the least enjoyable parts of owning a dog.  But when my PAWW Pouch got here I was excited to try it out!

So the PAWW Pouch is a pouch that you can attach to your pet's leash.  It holds poop bags and has an extra pocket that's perfect for carrying small items such as dog treats, keys, or money.  The PAWW company, like I mentioned, also sells dog collars and leashes with similar built in pockets.  I decided to buy just the pouch, because I don't always put a collar on Kit (I walk him with a harness) and I really like using Lupine brand leashes (they come with a lifetime guarantee!).

The PAWW Pocket attaches to your dog's leash with two Velcro straps on the back.  It also has a loop at the top that I threaded my leash into for extra protection.  I haven't been using this product long, but so far I haven't had any issues with the Velcro coming loose.  I attached mine to the top of Kit's leash, with the first strip of Velcro going around on side of the leash handle so the pocket can't slip down the leash, and the other strip of Velcro just going around the leash itself.  Having the pocket loop and Velcro around my leash handle does make the handle loop a bit smaller, but that wasn't really a big deal for me.  I have small hands, so the handle loop still fit around my hand/wrist just fine.  For someone with larger hands, you could probably just attach the pocket with the Velcro pieces and then it wouldn't interfere with the size of your leash loop.  Or you could always attach the PAWW Pocket to your leash in a different spot, or even attach it to your dog's harness or collar, or maybe to your belt or belt loop.

I was a bit worried when I first got it that the position of it near the leash loop would interfere with how I hold my dog's leash. But it wasn't a big deal at all.  If I need to hold the leash tighter or make it shorter, I just grasp the leash behind where the PAWW Pocket is and wrap it around my hand from there.

The larger compartment of the pouch is for your poop bags.  It has a hole in the back so you can pull bags out of the pouch without having to unzip the compartment.  The pouch works great with rolls of poop bags, but the awesome thing is that it's also big enough to hold a few plastic grocery bags.  So if you're like me, and prefer not to buy poop bags, you can still use this pouch with grocery bags.  I should mention here that the pocket doesn't come with any bags.  I did actually buy a set of bag rolls to go with it.  After they run out, I'll be going back to using grocery bags again.

The other compartment on the pouch is for any small extra items you want to bring along.  It's good for carrying things like money, dog treats, or your keys.  When I first read reviews on this product people said that the extra pocket was small and didn't fit much.  But I was pleasantly surprised on how much it does fit.  I can put my keys in, and my keys are pretty bulky.  I have about 6 keys all attached to a small key chain, and all my keys, key chain and all, fit inside my PAWW Pocket along with a roll of poop bags in the other pocket.  The extra pocket isn't huge, but I do feel that it's big enough to be beneficial.

Both compartments/pockets have zipper closures.

I do really recommend this product.  It's probably a bit overpriced for something that's mostly just to carry poop bags, but it's a lot nicer than other poop bag carriers I've seen.  It's certainty better than having to cram my pockets full of bags.  It seems to be very well made, I expect that it will last me a good long time.  It's a very convenient way to carry poop bags around.  I don't have to worry as much about forgetting bags anymore, even when I'm in a rush, because the PAWW Pocket is always right there attached to my dog's leash.  It looks nice too - much nicer than any of the other types of poop bag carriers I've tried in the past.  They do come in a few different colors, so you can pick the one that matches your dog's leash best.

I hope this review was ok.  I'm sick today and a bit out of it so hopefully I explained everything well.  If anyone has any questions please feel free to comment on this blog and I will do my best to answer them!


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