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July BarkBox Review!!

Have you ever heard of BarkBox before??

It's a monthly box of surprise goodies for your dog!  Kitsune is very spoiled, and I'm always on the lookout for new stuff to buy him.  When I heard about BarkBox, I thought it was an awesome idea, and a great way to check out dog products that I may have never even heard of before!

At the beginning of this month, my fiance signed Kit up for 3 months of BarkBox.  It comes in 3 sizes depending on how big your dog is - small, medium, or large.  Even though Kit is a toy breed dog, he's 19 lbs and very rough on his toys.  We decided to get him the medium sized box rather than the small.  We figured that this way, maybe some of the toys/chews would last him a bit longer.

BarkBox ships on the 15th of every month.  The 15th this month was a Sunday so they shipped on the 16th instead.  We got our BarkBox in the mail via USPS on Wednesday the 18th.  So 2 days later - not bad! (Keep reading for our review & Kitsune's Friday video!!)

Kit was soo excited when his BarkBox got here!  I don't know how he knew it was for him, but I'm positive he did!

I loved the cute little cartoon on the side of the box...

Ha Kit's cute little nose looming protectively over his BarkBox just makes that picture!

Look, Kitsune even opened his box by himself!  Well, he did have a little help.  I cute through the tape on the box before giving it to him - but shhh, he thinks he opened it all on his own!

So this is what was inside this months BarkBox:

Pet Qwerks IncrediBubbles & Metro Paws Poop Bags

The IncrediBubbles were for sure our favorite item in this months box!  They are non-toxic edible bubbles.  We got peach flavored.  Kit has never played with bubbles before, but it didn't take him long to get the idea!  Before you knew it we were having a blast watching him chase bubbles around.  I'm going to have to take a video sometime of him playing with these, it's really cute!  Once he figured out how much fun they are, he started trying to get us to blow bubbles for him 24/7!  We left the bubbles on the counter, and he just kept staring at them barking waiting for us to play bubbles with him!  These were a huge hit.  I don't know how long they will last, but when they run out I'll for sure be buying more!

The other item in this picture is a roll of poop bags.  They'll come in handy for sure, especially since I just started using our new PAWW Pick Pocket Pouch to carry poop bags during our walks.

PetProjekt Squeeky Steak

My fiance and I got a kick out of this toy.  He called it a "classic dog toy".  It squeaks, which is perfect for Kit.  I was a bit worried at first because every time I've tried similar plastic squeaky toys like this with Kit he's very quickly chewed holes in them.  But so far the steak is safe!  The squeaker is really loud which I think startled Kit at first, but he got used to it quickly.

Precision Pet Spinz Bone

This is a really cool peanut butter flavored bone that is fully edible and gluten-free.  The middle of the treat is jointed so it moves/twists around.  Unfortunately for Kit, one of the ingredients was "natural chicken flavoring".  Kit is actually VERY allergic to chicken, so I'm really careful about what treats/chews I give him.  I decided not to take the chance and gave this to one of my friends for her dog.  It says it's suppose to last a long time, but her dog was able to bite big chunks off and went through the whole bone really fast.  He did seem to really enjoy it though!  Different dogs maybe wouldn't go through it so fast?

YumZies by Nootie

These are all natural, grain free, made in the US dog treats.  Unfortunately we got chicken flavor and the first ingredient listed was chicken, so I can't give them to Kit.  I still have them though and am sure that either a friend's dog or the dogs at the local animal shelter will love these!  I've never heard of Nootie before and am going to check out their website to see if maybe they sell any treats that don't contain any poultry.

Oh, and I don't have a picture, but we also got a $10 off coupon for I've never ordered from them before, but I'll for sure be checking out the site and will more than likely place an order so we can use our coupon.

So all in all we were happy with this months BarkBox!  It was too bad that Kit couldn't have two of the gifts because of his chicken allergy, but we knew this would probably happen when we ordered BarkBox.  It's not a big deal since I have plenty of friends who own dogs and also can donate stuff to our local shelter.

Since we subscribed to BarkBox for 3 months, we ended up paying what would equate to $21 per month.  All the gifts we got this month I'd say were worth the $21.   If our next to BarkBoxes are similar to this months than we will for sure be renewing our subscription after our 3 months are up.

For anyone who's interested in buying BarkBox for their own dog, if you sign up here you will get $5 off your order!


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