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Beware of Pet Treats from China

I'm always careful not to feed Kitsune any foods or treats that are made in China.  I try to stay away from toys made in China too.

If you haven't heard, there have been a lot of reports lately of chicken treats from China making dogs sick, and even killing some.  Time Magazine recently reported on this, back in May they stated that since November there have been 900 recorded reports of dog illnesses and deaths from consuming chicken based treats from China. The scarey thing is that the FDA can't seem to figure out why the treats are causing so many problems.

Recently there have been new reports that other types of treats from China, namely sweet potato treats, are also causing similar symptoms.  Something in the treats, no one seems to know what, is causing kidney problems in dogs.  Of course kidney failure, unfortunately, can lead to death.

With brands of high quality safely made treats available, I personally feel that the safest course of action would be to avoid treats and toys imported from China all together.  Unfortunately China doesn't seem to have the best safety record when it comes to pet supplies lately.

And hey, you can always wait for my book to come out and start making your own dog treats!  At least that way you'll know all the ingredients are safe.  A bit of a spoiler - one of the recipes in my upcoming book describes how to make home made sweet potato dog treats!  The book should be out sometime in August - I'll make sure to post here when it's available for sale.

Treats and toys are suppose to be something we can feel good about giving our pets.  I can't even imagine how upsetting it would be for my dog to get sick, or even die, from eating something that was suppose to be pleasant for him.  I'd love to hear from some of my readers - what safe brands of treats or toys do you like to buy for your pets?  Maybe we can all put a list together of safe alternatives for pet owners who are trying to stay away from potentially unsafe products.


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