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Kitsune Crunching Carrots!

Who needs their weekly dose of Kitsune!?

I know, not a very interesting video this week.  But it actually really made me smile.  It's simple, but silly and fun at the same time.  Well at least I think so.  Kitsune's such a goof, with his loud carrot chewing.  He really does love eating carrots.

I actually got a lot done on my book this week, which I was happy about.  I've been having kind of a hard time finding the time to fit in all my projects lately.  But I really am hoping to get my book out this month, so hopefully I can continue to find the motivation and time to work on it.

I only have 3 more weeks left of my ForceChange internship.  You can click that link to look at the list of articles I've written so far.  Most of the subjects are hard things to write/read about, the topics aren't exactly pleasant, but I do think that it's important for people to be aware of the types of things that go on in our world.  Realizing that horrible things like that are happening is the first step towards finding ways to stop them!

Just a quick note here that I'm planning on working on the layout of my blog during the next couple of weeks.  With everything else going on it will most likely take me some time to complete the change, but don't be worried if you visit and things look a bit messed up.  I'm going to keep the current layout up for the most part until I'm ready to completely change over the layout, but they'll be short spans of time while I'm working on it that the layout may look weird.  Just try to bear with me - all my posts and pages should still continue to work fine no matter how the site looks.

I hope everyone had a great week and a fun weekend!!



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