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Annnd we have snail eggs!

Yup, snail eggs!

I have a 20 gallon acrylic aquarium in my kitchen.  Here it is...

My aquatic frog Nimaway, a blue apple snail named Sea Slug, and some aquatic plants call it home.

This alien looking thing...

Is Sea Slug!  She (because I now know for a fact that it is a 'she') is a blue apple snail.  I've had her for just a few months, but in that time she's grown a lot!  When I first got her, I wasn't going to name her.  But she turned out to be really interesting to watch, sometimes even more interesting than my frog!  So for some reason I started calling her "Sea Slug" and it stuck.

This morning I woke up to find these...

Stuck to the inside corner of my fish tank.  Those are snail eggs.  Apparently they attach their eggs above the water line and then when the babies hatch they fall down into the water.

I don't know if the eggs are fertile or not.  I did some research, and a few websites said that it's not unknown for apple snails to lay infertile eggs.  On the other hand, apparently females can mate and store sperm for months while waiting for conditions to be perfect for their eggs.  I don't know if maybe Sea Slug could have mated at the pet store before I got her, and is just getting around to laying her eggs now.

And before anyone says anything, not all snails are hermaphrodites!  There are species of snails where each snail contains the sex organs of both sexes.  However, apple snails, and a few other snail species that I know of, are not hermaphroditic.  Each snail is either a male, or a female only.  Apparently there are ways you can tell the difference between the males and females, but I don't know how to tell with apple snails.  If any of these eggs hatch, I suppose it's something I'll have to attempt to learn if I don't want millions more snails!

I'm going to leave the eggs alone to see if they hatch.  If they do, I'll probably try to keep a couple of females and will attempt to find new homes for the rest.  I'll keep everyone updated on my snail adventures!

You'll have to excuse any typos/mistakes in this post.  I've been having issues with my contacts and am typing this without the benefit of being able to read what I'm typing!  I've really got to get around to ordering new contacts.

Also, new camera got here today!  Ha and I posted pictures of snail eggs instead of something cute and fuzzy.  I'm not really feeling well today though, so other than taking a few pictures to try the new camera out I haven't really been feeling up to doing a photo shoot with any of the pets.  I'll try to get some awesome new pictures to post soon! 🙂

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