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Pick Pocket Leash Review

Some of you may remember that awhile back I wrote a review for the PAWW Pick Pocket Pouch.  The awesome people at PAWW recently sent me their Pick Pocket Leash, and a ThrowBowl (look for our ThrowBowl review later on this week) to try out and review.

For those Amazon geeks like myself, the Pick Pocket Leash retails on for around $30.  On the PAWW website (link above) it's about the same price.  The leash comes in 5 different colors - red, black, blue, green, and orange.  It's a 5' leash with the handle clipped, and is made from very strong ripstop nylon and lightweight polyester mesh.  The leash is lightweight, but seems to be very strong.  It also has some awesome, very innovative features that I've never experienced on a leash before.

Since I already reviewed the PAWW Pick Pocket Pouch (check out the link above), I won't go into too much detail about the pouch on this leash.  This leash has a Pick Pocket Pouch built right in!  It has the same double zippered pockets as the separate pouch does - one for holding and dispensing poop bags and another that's great for holding your keys, money, or a few small dog treats.  The pouch on the leash also has a little loop at the bottom of it.  This comes in handy if you, like I do, like to clip the leash to itself to hang it up.  It's also a great spot for clipping a small light for nighttime walks.  The back of the pouch, as you can see in the picture below, has a few nylon sections where you could also attach stuff to the leash, or clip or tie used poop bags to until you can find a trash to ditch them in.

However, the thing I love most about this leash is the way the handle is designed.  As you can see above, the handle clips together.  When clipped, it works the same way a regular leash handle does.  The handle is comfortable to hold.  You can unclip the leash handle and than reclip it around something, such as your belt loop, or a tree.  It's awesome for hiking!  If you need to go hands free for any reason you can clip the leash handle around your belt, or belt loop, and have your dog remain leashed and attached to you without having to actually hold the leash.  Or if you want to stop and take a break, you can clip the leash handle around a sturdy tree or anything else that will safely hold your dog and not have to worry about your dog running free.

Before I got this leash I was thinking of getting a leash that I could clip to my belt to use for hiking, but this is truly the perfect hiking leash!  The fabric is strong and dries quickly if it gets wet.  Because of how the handle is designed you can use the leash hands free.  The pockets are perfect for holding poop bags and other small items so that you don't have to worry about cramming your pockets full of bags or your keys falling out of your pocket.  The loop on the front of the pocket is perfect for attaching a small light, either for night time walk safety or just in case of emergencies while hiking.

Of course, if you're not a hiker, this leash still works well for everyday walks.  The bottom clip that attaches to your dog's harness or collar is really secure, which is something that's always very important to me.  It's awesome to be able to keep the pocket filled with poop bags and not have to worry about forgetting them during emergency trips outside.  The poop bag pocket fits either rolls of bags or single grocery bags if you don't like to buy the rolls.

After an incident with a crappy leash when Kit was a puppy, when he got loose and almost got hit by a car, I'm really really picky about what leashes I will use on him.  For a long time now I've been using only Lupine leashes, because they are sturdy and secure and they have a lifetime guarantee.  However, after using the Pick Picket Leash I can honestly say that I very highly recommend it.  I would for sure purchase this leash in the future if anything ever happened to the one I have now, or maybe if we ever get another dog who needs his/her own.  No doubt about it that the Pick Pocket Leash is going to be my new 'go to' leash for when I want to take Kitsune hiking with me!

** I did not receive any compensation for the above review.  All opinions stated are honest and my own! 🙂 **

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