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ThrowBowl Review

Is it a bowl?  Is it a disc?  It's both!  This is the ThrowBowl...

It's made by PAWW, the same company that sells those awesome Pick Pocket Leashes and Pick Pocket Pouches that I've reviewed here before.

The ThrowBowl currently comes in 3 colors - blue, green, and orange.  It is made of a BPA, PC, and phthalate free elastomer (rubber) that is strong, but soft enough that it won't hurt your dog's mouth.  The ThrowBowl currently retails for $18.95.  You can get it through Amazon to take advantage of their free shipping program (if you buy other items so your order comes to over $25), or directly from PAWW's website.

The ThrowBowl is pretty cool.  The side of the bowl can be folder over on itself to make the lip of the bowl shorter, making it a perfect frisbee!

This is what the ThrowBowl looks like in bowl mode...

And here's another picture in disc mode, so you can see the shorter sides...

When I first saw the ThrowBowl, I was worried that folding down the sides would be kind of tricky to do.  The first time I tried wasn't my proudest moment, I think Kitsune could have done it faster paws and all!  However, it only took me a few tries to really get the hang of it.  I'm a pro at it now!

The bowl has a 8.5, or 22 cm, diameter.  Probably the only thing I'd change about this product is that I wish it was a bit smaller.  The size it is is probably great for larger dogs, but Kitsune is on the medium/small side.  I think he'd have a bit of an easier time playing fetch with the disc if it was a little less bulky for him to carry.  Also, a smaller bowl would be more portable for me, which would make it a lot easier to throw in my purse to use as a water bowl during trips to the park.

But if you have a larger dog, this item would probably be perfect!  It's definably going to be an essential item for us when we go on longer trips, like to the beach for the day, because it would be so much easier to throw the ThrowBowl into my beach bag than a regular bowl.  Plus, when we're not using it to give Kitsune water, it doubles as a toy!  And honestly what type of toy would be better for the beach than a disc?

Overall I highly recommend this product, and Kitsune gives it his paw of approval as well!

For Kitsune's Friday video this week, we made a short video of him trying out his new ThrowBowl...

I hope everyone has a fun weekend!!


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