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Wacky Pet Names 2012

I'm sure, unless this is my first blog post you've read, that most of my readers know all about my dog Kitsune!  One thing not everyone knows about my furry bundle of joy is that Kitsune actually has a middle name....Trouble.  Yes his name is Kitsune Trouble, as you can see on his very own Facebook page.  The middle name started out as a joke, since Kitsune is so good at getting himself into trouble, but eventually it sort of stuck.  Not that we use his middle name all that often, but I think it's cute.

Now I've always thought Kit has a pretty unique name.  Although I have come across other dogs named Kitsune online, I've never seen another Kitsune Trouble!  We've never come across another dog named Kitsune offline either. 

I always enjoy hearing what names people come up with for their pets.  Usually one of the first questions I ask when I learn that someone has a new furry (or scaly, bald, etc) family member is 'what's his/her name?'.  I love hearing the stories and meanings behind how people decided what to name their pets.  Recently, VPI Pet Insurance posted what they felt to be the top 50 wackiest pet names of 2012.  I believe these names were all collected from VPI insurance holders.  I'd really love to hear the stories behind some of these names!

** Image is from VPI Pet Insurance **

What are some of your favorite names from that list?  I don't think I'd ever name one of my own pets something like Chubster, Stinker Belle, or Beefra, but the silly names certainly do make me smile!

Kitsune's name may not be as wacky as some of the names on those lists, but what wackiness his name lacks he makes up for in personality.  Here's a bit of proof:

Thanks for reading, and I hope everyone has a fun weekend! 🙂

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