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October 2012 BarkBox Review!

I hope no one is getting sick of our monthly BarkBox reviews.  For anyone who doesn't already know, BarkBox is a subscription service that you can sign up with for your dog.   It's $29 for one month, or you can order a longer subscription and save money.  A 3 month subscription is only $22 per month, so I guess $66, and a 7 month subscription is $17.50 per month, so a total of $105.  Each month, the lovely people at BarkBox will send your dog a package full of surprise goodies.  We subscribed to BarkBox back in July, and got a 3 month subscription.  We also got one free box sent to us this month because someone signed up using our affiliate code (Kitsune sends you big sloppy puppy kisses, whoever you are!!).   We will be for sure renewing our subscription before next month's boxes go out.   BarkBox is awesome.

Kitsune got his October BarkBox last Friday.  Being his 4th time getting it, he knew the drill.  Kit gets SO EXCITED when he sees the BarkBox box every month.  I think he knows now that it's for him.  This months box was awesome!  Ha, I say that every month though.  This is what was in this months box...

Turkey Trail Blazin' Bitz from Feelgood Treat Company:  Unfortunately these treats that we got are made of turkey liver, and Kitsune can't eat turkey.  I so wish he could, because these seem like high quality treats.  They are handmade from all natural and organic ingredients, and are wheat, gluten, and preservative free.  I'm sure Kit would have loved them if he could have them.  I'm going to give these away to a friend since Kit can't have them.

Wool snake toy from Lollycadoodle:  This toy is awesome!  Kit absolutely loves it.  It's an orange and red toy snake made completely out of wool by artisans in Nepal.  The toy doesn't have any stuffing inside, it's 100% wool.  Kit has been having a blast with this toy since it got here.  He likes to drag and throw it around, and it makes a great tug toy.  Mr. Snake's black wool eyes didn't last too long, because Kit chewed them off, but he didn't chew any other part of the toy and it's still just as fun without it's eyes.  Kit has a weird habit of doing this to all his toys that have eyes or other parts that stick out a lot.  Anyways, I would for sure buy this toy again for Kit if we ever need to replace the one he just got.

Moody Pet Humunga Stache:  I laughed when we found this in our BarkBox.  Who doesn't love giant silly mustaches?  I had actually seen this toy before and thought it would be really funny to buy for Kit, but it had bad reviews online so I never got it.  I was hoping to get some awesome pictures of Kitsune with this toy but unfortunately he doesn't seem to like it.  So far I haven't been able to get him to play with it, and the few times that he did show a little bit of interest and pick it up he held it by the side of the mustache and not by the ball in the middle.  If this was any other toy I probably wouldn't give it a very good review, just because Kit seems to want nothing to do with it, but it's so funny that it was worth getting it just for the laugh.  I'm going to keep trying to convince Kit to at least hold the toy in his mouth for long enough to let me get a silly picture.

Tropiclean Clean Teeth Gel:  I've heard good things about Tropiclean, although I've never tried any of their products before now.  This gel is suppose to help keep dog's teeth clean - a much easier alternative to brushing.  I do actually brush Kit's teeth twice a week, and we give him lots of things to chew, so his teeth are pretty clean.  I'm going to try using this on his top canine teeth though - he does have a tiny tiny bit of tartar there.  I've used this on him once since we got it, so I can't really say too much about how well it works.  I thought it smelled really good, although Kit didn't seem to enjoy the taste very much.  He doesn't like getting his teeth brushed either, and this was certainly easier than brushing his teeth.  I'm going to keep using this for awhile and I'll post another review about it in the future.

Metro Paws Poopy Pack:  I've actually been buying poop bags similar to these for Kit lately, ever since we got his Paw Pick Pocket Pouch.  So, yeah, poop bags.  Nothing amazing but they will certainty get used here!  Metro Paws sells a lot of different trendy designed poop bags.  Personally I don't care so much what the bags look like, considering what they will end up being used for.  Although some of their designs are cute.

Honest Discounts discount card:  This card says it can save you between 10 and 75% on pet prescription medication.  I guess you use it if you get your pet's medications at a normal pharmacy rather than from your vet.  I knew it was possible to get some pet prescriptions filled at regular pharmacies but I've never done it before.  Maybe I will in the future so I can try using this card.  Although I'd of course prefer Kit to just remain healthy and not need any medications!  I put the card in my wallet, maybe it will come in handy someday.  This is the one item that I forget to picture above, sorry about that.

So that's it.  I'd say all in all the biggest hit this month by far was the wool snake toy.  The other stuff is great too though.  BarkBox is awesome for anyone who loves to spoil their pets and try out new pet products!  The 4 boxes we've gotten so far had a lot of really high quality pup stuff.  We'll have to reorder before next months box ships so we don't miss out on anything.  If you're interested in getting your pup a BarkBox of his/her own, you can use this link to sign up with my affiliate code.  You'll get $5 off your order and BarkBox will send Kitsune a free box - which Kit and I will very much appreciate! 🙂

3 thoughts on “October 2012 BarkBox Review!

  1. Mark Redman

    Hi Michelle!

    We read your blog post about Kitsune not being able to enjoy our Turkey Trail Blazin' Bitz...and we want to help! We want everyone to be able to love Feelgood Treats...including Kitsune, so we'd like to offer to send you a complimentary bag of one of our other flavours. In addition to turkey, our Trail Blazin' Bitz also come in beef, bison, chicken, and lamb. If it's okay with you and if Kitsune can enjoy any of those flavours, we'd love to send you a complimentary bag.
    Please let me know if that would work for you and we will send it along to you (and Kitsune) straight away!
    Thank you again for posting your comments on Feelgood Treats and we look forward to your reply.

    Yours truly,
    Mark Redman
    Feelgood Treats.

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