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My Knight in Shining Armor!

Whoa posts two days in a row!  I'm breaking from my usual Monday-Wednesday-Friday post schedule to post a picture of what would have been Kitsune's Halloween costume this year...

My knight in shining armor!  I said it 'would have been' his costume this year, because Halloween was canceled here this year!  We didn't have electricity on Halloween, thanks to the storm.  I heard rumors that they were going to reschedule Halloween to be this past Monday instead.  Although we did have our power back by Monday, a large portion of our town was still left in the dark.  So, no Halloween to speak of this year.  We did let Kitsune wear his costume though, and gave him a few extra treats that day.

I would say that I'll reuse this costume for him next year, but it didn't even fit him all that well this year!  He's a weird size - because normally medium sized dog clothes fit him well the long way, but are too small around his chest area.  I think he has a really broad chest for a dog his size.  My little muscle man 😉

We got our first snow here yesterday!  It wasn't anything major, we got maybe a few inches, but it was very pretty and Kitsune had fun playing in it.  I took some pictures and videos that I'll have to post here sometime.  I hope everyone is staying warm! 🙂


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