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Cooking with Canines Sample Recipe Posted!

Happy Friday!

I was working on a better post than this - but it seems the day kind of got away from me!  So instead of rushing to try to finish the post I was going to write today, I decided that I'll just save it for Monday instead.  You'll all just have to wait to see what it was about!

So what was I working on instead?  Take a look at my "Cooking with Canines" blog page and you'll see!  I finally got around to posting a sample recipe from my book - complete with an adorable (well, I think so at least) video of Kitsune demonstrating how to make one of the recipes in my book, Puppermints!

I'll post the video here too, just because I didn't get around to making any other videos of Kitsune this week...

I hope everyone has a fun weekend!


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