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Novartis Animal Health Heartworm Prevention Shortage Update

I've noticed that a lot of people seem to find their way to my blog while searching for information on the Novartis Animal Health heartworm prevention shortage.  You can follow that link to read more about what I posted about the shortage back in October of this year.

Novartis Animal Health finally posted an update on the situation recently, on December 8th.  However, the company still has not been able to release a date for when regular production of Sentinel Flavor Tabs will begin.  The update didn't even mention the status of the company's other heartworm preventative, Interceptor.

Its been a year now since Novartis' NE processing plant was originally shut down.  Back in October the company stated that they had began "various stages of pre-production and production...for some Novartis Animal Health brands", and that they had begun the process of preparing to start producing Sentinel again.  However, 3 months later and the company has still been unable to report any dates for when their once popular products will once again be available to consumers.

I suspect that most owners who used to rely on Novartis' heartworm prevention products have had to find and rely on other alternatives for some time now.  For anyone who is interested in switching back to either Sentinel or Interceptor once production resumes, keep an eye on the Novartis Animal Health website.  They don't seem to post updates all that often, but have stated that they will share their production schedule as soon as it becomes available.

** Please click here to read the latest update on the Novartis heartworm prevention shortage**


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