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Kitsune’s Haircut!

Even though Kit is a Papillon, and it's not necessarily common for them to get haircuts, we usually keep Kit's fur trimmed into a style we have come to affectionately call "the Kit".  We leave the fur on his tail and ears long, but clip the rest short.  It's easier to manage, and I think he looks cuter this way.   Most importantly, Kitsune seems to be more comfortable with shorter fur.  It's easy to tell that he's not your typical Papillon.  He's double their normal size, has wonky ears, and the differences also extend to his fur.  He has amazingly silky soft fur, but instead of being straight and laying flat like it does on most pappies, Kitsune's fur is wavy and sticks out - making him look more like a big fuzzy marshmallow then the slender, fit dog that he is.

I've gotten a lot of  flak from other Papillon owners for cutting his fur, but oh well.  He may be a Papillon, but that doesn't mean he's exactly the same as every other pappy.  Every dog is in individual, and I think sometimes that means maintaining a dog's fur differently, perhaps even in a way that isn't traditional for the breed.

I clip Kitsune's fur myself.  This has made for more than a few bad haircuts along the way, but luckily, with a face like Kit's, even with a bad haircut he's still adorable.  Luckily, over the years, I have gotten much better at clipping his hair than I used to be.  I've even had other dog parents at the park ask me what groomer I take him too!   Kit gets so furry, that clipping his hair can be a real chore.  Every time I do it I get so uncomfortable and covered in dog hair, that I swear I'm never going to clip him myself again.  But then, by the time his fur is long enough that it needs to be trimmed again, enough time has passed that I get excited about giving him a haircut myself.  The length of time it takes for his hair to grow long enough that it needs to be cut again is directly proportional to the amount of time it takes me to forget just how much I hate being covered in dog hair. It's really quite convenient, because it means I keep giving him haircuts myself rather than taking him to the groomer, which saves us money.

Anyways, enough talking right?  Here's the proof of Kitsune's latest haircut!  This one was actually more drastic then they usually are.  I had to wait a few weeks for my new clipper blade to get here, and in all that time Kit's hair got longer than we usually let it get.  Anyways, here's some photographic evidence and a (not so good, sorry) video as well.






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