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January 2013 BarkBox Review

a It still feels so weird to type "2013"!  I hope that everyone is enjoying their start to the new year.  It's hard to believe that January is almost over already!

Kitsune was very happy to receive his January BarkBox yesterday!  I don't know why, but shipping took longer than usual this month.  We got our tracking number on Jan.17th, and usually shipping only takes a few days, but for some reason it took our box over a week to get to us this month.  Oh well, at least it got here!

Kitsune knows the BarkBox drill very well by now.  Before I could even get into the kitchen to get scissors to cut the box open, he was freaking out trying to dig and bite into the box himself.  This is everything he got this month...

chewBarkworthies Angus Power Bar: Kit went nuts for this thing.  I felt kind of bad, because as soon as we got his box open he went for this, but I had to take it away from him to check the ingredients before letting him have it.  The ingredients weren't listed on the tag so I had to look the treat up online.  Thankfully it was all beef so Kitsune got it back.  I expected it to last longer then it did, it being called a power bar and all.  But Kitsune ate the whole thing in just a few minutes.  I noticed on the BarkBox Facebook page that some people got Bully Sticks instead of this treat.  I wish Kit had gotten a Bully Stick instead, since I'm sure that would have lasted him a bit longer.  But it's ok that he didn't, at least he really seemed to enjoy this treat for the short time that it lasted.

octJax and Bones Knitted Rope Octopus Toy: This little guy was probably Kitsune's second favorite thing in his box this month.  It's sold as "Elton" the Octopus, but Kitsune named his Ollie.  😉  It's a really cute orange knitted rope toy made by a company called Jax and Bones.  I hope it lasts awhile, because Kit seems to enjoy it, but I'm not sure if it will.  The little tentacles are already starting to unravel and Kit hasn't even had it a whole day yet.  As long as pieces don't start falling off it, I'll let him keep it.  I'm hoping maybe the head part of the Octopus will stay intact, even if the tentacles unravel, because then Kit can use it as a ball.  In Kit's humble opinion, one can never have too many balls.  Check out the video at the end of this post and you can see Kitsune abusing poor Ollie.

lambSuperior Farms Pet Provisions Toasters Pet Treat: Yay, Kit got a treat he can actually eat!  These Superior Farms Toasters Treats are like a freeze dried meat type treat.  The bag BarkBox sent was a pretty decent size, and the treats themselves are medium sized cubes of dried meat.  We got lamb treats, so I can actually give them to Kit!  He really likes them so far.  They are kind of big to use as training treats for him, but we've been giving them to him when he comes inside after his bathroom breaks.  Because my fiance started giving Kit treats every time he behaved himself outside during potty walks, and now every time he comes back in the house he runs into the kitchen to wait for his snack.  These should last us a decent amount of time, and I would buy them again in the future.


yumziesNootie YumZies Cheese Treats: Unfortunately I can't really review these treats, because although they are cheese flavored, the first ingredient is chicken.  Poor Kitsune and his poultry allergy.  I have a whole drawer full of treats he can't eat because of his allergy.  They won't be wasted though, I'll either give them to a friend, or bring them in for the shelter dogs.  Maybe I should get a second dog, one that can eat poultry, so I have somefur to give all the chicken treats too? 😉  These seem like good high quality treats, and this is the second time we've received a bag of YumZies from BarkBox.  Both times the treats we got had chicken in them, so I've never been able to let Kit try them.  Oh well, I'm sure lots of other dogs enjoyed them in their BarkBoxes!

For anyone who might be interested in trying BarkBox for their own pup, you can check out some of my past reviews as well.  I wrote reviews in July 2012, August, September, October, and November!  We got a box in December, but with all the excitement of the holidays I never got around to writing a December review.

Kitsune loves his monthly BarkBox!  Because of his food allergies, we do get some treats and such that he can't have.  But usually we get at least one treat or chew that he can eat, and he always loves the toys!  If you use this link, you can get $5 off your first BarkBox subscription, and Kitsune will get a free box (which he will be very thankful for I assure you!).  Just look at how much my little guy loves his BarkBox...



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