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Novartis Animal Health Heartworm Prevention Shortage Update

Novartis Animal Health US announced on March 7th that they have resumed the sale and distribution of Deramaxx (dog osteoarthritis medication).  However, the company still has not released information about when their once popular heartworm preventatives,  Sentinel and Interceptor, will become available again.  On their March 7th update, the company stated that "Production of validation batches of our parasiticide products produced at our Lincoln, Nebraska manufacturing facility continues as we work toward regulatory approval for a full restart. While we continue to make progress, the restart is taking longer than originally anticipated. Currently, the exact dates for parasiticide product availability remain unknown..."

For more information, you can visit the Novartis Animal Health FAQ page.

For more background information regarding the shortage, take a look at a few of my pasts posts here, here, and here.  Production at Novartis' NE processing plant was suspended back in December 2011.

** Please click here to read the latest update on the Novartis heartworm prevention shortage**

3 thoughts on “Novartis Animal Health Heartworm Prevention Shortage Update

  1. Barb Black

    The links to the novartis Interceptor Animal Health web page now give a "page not found error 404" message.No updated information could be located anywhere (as of April 7, 2012). I wonder whether they have discontinued the product for good.

  2. Michelle

    Oh wow...Yeah I just checked and I'm getting the same error. I wonder what's up.

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