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Happy National Hug Your Cat Day

1Apparently tomorrow, June 4th, is National Hug Your Cat Day.  Kitsune celebrated early by getting some snuggle time in with Cuddles (the plush cat), who was my favorite toy as a child.  If Cuddles was a real cat, according to this cat age calculator, she'd be about 93 cat years (around 19? human years) old.

I guess this will be one pet related holiday that I won't be celebrating, since I don't have any cats.  My fiance is allergic to them, and Kitsune isn't a fan of them either.  Yup, my dog doesn't like cats.  Way to be a stereotype, Kitsune!  He actually used to get along fine with them, until one randomly ran out and scratched him in the face during one of our walks.


Now, as you can see from his face in this second picture, he doesn't even look all that happy to spend time with a fake cat!  Oh well.  Happy Hug Your Cat Day to all the cat owners out there!  Hopefully not too many people out there get rewarded for their cat hugging efforts with a set of claws to the face!  And if you don't have a cat - maybe hug your dog (or whatever pet you do have) instead? 🙂


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