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Over the Top Dog Houses

The [human] housing market may have been floundering in recent years, but pet products are big business!  According to the American Pet Products Association, Americans spent $53.33 billion on their pets in 2012.  They are estimated to spend $55 billion in 2013.

With that much being spent on our fuzzy friends, it's easy to understand why pet companies are always on the lookout for the 'next big thing'.  Sometimes literally!  What do you get the pet who had everything?  If you have an extra couple thousand dollars laying around, maybe one of these over the top dog houses would do the trick?

qThe Cape Cod Dog Kennel

What high class pooch would want to stay in a regular old dog kennel, when he could hang out in the Cape Cod Dog Kennel?  Conveniently available on, and for only $3,073.28 (that's the sale price, by the way),  the Cape Cod Kennel features decorative dormers, flower boxes, and (of course) shutters!  Seriously, what dog would want to be caught napping in a kennel without shutters?

wThe Victorian Cottage Dog Kennel

If the Cape Cod Kennel isn't your style, maybe the Victorian Cottage Dog Kennel is more what you're looking for?  Also available on Amazon, at only $2,904.24 (41% below the original retail price), you can save a little bit of money without sacrificing style!  Don't worry about the $700 shipping fee - After all, you did just spend almost $3,000 on a dog kennel!

bggLa Petite Maison

Why buy a dog house, when you can by a dog mansion?  La Petite Maison custom designs dog houses, offering a plethora of options such as indoor/outdoor lighting, air conditioning, and special flooring designed to keep your posh pooch's toes cool in even the hottest of climates.  Prices for these doggy oases will normally set you back anywhere from $6,000 to $10,00.  That is, however, just an average.  Some designs can set you back $25,000 or more.


English Cottage Dog House

Each English Cottage is custom made, taking into account factors such as your dog's breed, architectural preferences, and the landscape where the house will be constructed.  The house is created by a world renowned artist/designer, and can include amenities such as running water, air conditioning, heat, and lighting.  Pricing starts at around $6,000, but varies depending on design.

expensivThe World's Most Expensive Dog House

Last, but certainly not least, we have what just might be the world's most expensive dog house!  Seriously, this puts a whole new spin on the phrase "in the doghouse".  Designed by Andy Ramus, this custom dog house sold for an estimated $400,000!  It reportedly came fully equipped with self cleaning bowls, a 52-inch plasma TV, state of the art sound and entertainment systems, a spa tub, and who could forget the doggy retina scanner!

While these dog houses certainly sound fancy, I'm not sure your average dog would truly appreciate their splendor.  After all, most dogs I know would be much happier in their owner's lap than they would be inside a dog house - yes, even a $400,000 dog house!

What do you think?  Would you spend thousands of dollars on a dog house?  Have any other over the top dog houses you'd like to share?  Leave a comment below!

2 thoughts on “Over the Top Dog Houses

  1. Mike

    Truly amazing, i couldn't even imagine such dog houses existed! Although they are great, truth is i see them as an exaggerated expense even for people that can afford them. Pets need our love and caring more than a few thousand dollars home.

    1. Michelle

      Hi Mike!

      I agree - I can't help but think about how many homeless animals could be saved with the money it would cost to buy one of those dog houses. I certainly could never warrant spending that much on a dog house, especially since I'm sure my dog would barely ever even use it - His favorite place is next to his humans!

      Thank you for stopping by and for your comment! 🙂

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