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Kitsune’s Happy Dinner Dance!


Kitsune is VERY enthusiastic about his dinner!  We feed him around 5 each evening, and like clockwork every day just before 5, he starts getting excited and doing what we call the "happy dinner dance!"  It usually consists of him jumping around, sometimes in circles, and waving his front legs in the air.  If we aren't paying close enough attention to him, he'll sometimes make up a "song" to go along with his dance.

You know I couldn't write about Kitsune's dance without providing video evidence...

It's actually not a very good video though.  For some reason, he seemed to tone it down a bit when he knew I was taping him.

Can your pets seemingly tell time (at least when it's dinner time)?  Do they have happy dinner dances of their own, or do they do something else cute while waiting for their meals?

  • If they don't give me my dinner on time, I try to wait patiently but the occasional sigh escapes me. When I really can't wait any longer (5 minutes after the proper time) I go and gently nudge one of them!

    • Michelle

      Clowie - You are a much patienter pup than my Kitsune is! He starts getting excited usually an hour before dinner time!


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