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Freshpet Fridge Challenge Sweepstakes

fpFreshpet is a company that puts a new spin on commercial pet food.  Freshpet foods are created from fresh, US sourced ingredients that are cooked in Freshpet kitchens.  Because these foods are not highly processed, much like human food, they should be stored in the refrigerator.

In honor of National Pet Obesity Month, Freshpet is hosting their Fridge Challenge Sweepstakes.  The grand prize winner will receive a Freshpet refrigerator and a one year supply of Freshpet food.  Two additional winners will each receive a $500 Freshpet gift card, and five winners will receive $100 Freshpet gift cards.  For a chance to win, all you have to do is submit a photo of your pet and describe why, in 50 words or less, you can't live without your refrigerator.  The contest entry period ends on October 21st, 2013.

Whether your pet is already eating Freshpet foods, or you're interested in checking it out for the first time, the Freshpet Fridge Challenge is a great opportunity to not only enter to win free pet food, but to spend some time thinking about the types of food you offer your pet(s).

Managing my dog Kitsune's diet hasn't always been easy.  Kitsune has food allergies, as I know I've mentioned many times here before, and cannot eat poultry.  Managing your pets diet is important - obesity in pets can be just as problematic for our furry friends as it can be for humans.  Whether you decide to check out Freshpet or not, remember that a healthy, balanced diet can play a key role in keeping your pet in tip top shape for many years to come!

Oh!  And of course treats, especially healthy ones, are fine in moderation! 🙂  But watch out for those counter surfers!



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