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Funny Friday: Dog Eyebrows

dogeyebrows1Ok so perhaps I'm a little late jumping on the "dogs with eyebrows" bandwagon, but I needed a good laugh today.  Don't worry, no Kitsunes were harmed in the making of these photos.  Despite how he looks, he was very happy to let me laugh at his expense in exchange for some homemade peanut butter treats!

Did you know that dogs, like humans, use their eyebrows to express emotion?  Not only that, but scientific studies have suggested that shelter dogs with more expressive eyebrows are more likely to get adopted faster!

A study published just last year (on Kitsune's birthday!) tested how facial expressions that enhance dog's neonatal appearances impacts how quickly they are adopted from shelters.  In other words - the scientists wanted to know if dogs who exhibited facial expressions that made them look childlike more often would get adopted sooner.  According to the study, dogs who raised their inner brows more often found new homes faster than their less expressive counterparts.  This is, theoretically, because manipulating their eyebrows in this manner effects their eye size and height, making them look more childlike, and thus cuter.  It also suggests that domestic dogs have evolved to be able to use their facial expressions to manipulate humans.

dogeyebrows2So it seems like those 'puppy dog eyes' that are so famous for helping dogs to beg for bits of extra dinner involve more than just the eyes themselves - there's some serious brow work going on!

What do you think?  Comment below!  Does your dog use certain facial expressions to try to manipulate you?  I know Kitsune, for one, has mastered the 'sad puppy dog eyes', although you can't tell that from the pictures posted here!  With his fake eyebrows, I think he looks like he wants to have a serious talk with me about some of my recent life decisions.  Judgmental doggie!



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