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Wordless Wednesday: Barnaby’s Balloon!


Not so wordless: You may or may not have noticed that I snuck some information about my newest book, Barnaby's Balloon, onto my blog last week.  There's an add for it on my homepage now and a bit of information on the Pet Books section of my blog.

Barnaby's Balloon is now available on Amazon in both paperback and on Amazon Kindle.  It's a children's book, and I think its real charm lies in the fact that I used photos of Barnaby for the images.  As stated in the Amazon description, a percentage of sales will be donated to various animal shelters/rescues to help them provide for the homeless animals under their care.  I'm going to post more details about that in a few days, but rest assured that if you do purchase a copy now a percentage of your purchase will go towards helping animals in need.

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