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July Featured Rescue – The House Rabbit Society

BarnabyHappy July!

Last month I mentioned that I'm going to be donating a percentage of my book sales each month to different animal rescue organizations.  For the month of June we decided to donate 10% of sales to The House Rabbit Society.  At the risk of being redundant, I decided that 10% of July proceeds will go to the same place - The House Rabbit Society.

The House Rabbit Society is a great organization that not only helps to find homes for rabbits in need, but also does a lot of work towards promoting the proper care of pet rabbits.  Like I mentioned last month, it's one of my main "go to" websites whenever I have new, or potential, rabbit owners ask me where to find accurate information.

Since book sales were kind of low in June, I wanted to try to raise a bit more money before donating to The House Rabbit Society.  So 10% of July sales will also go to them, on top of 10% of June sales.  I promise that next month I'll select a new shelter.

As always, you can find both my books - Cooking with Canines and Barnaby's Balloon - on Amazon.  They are both available as Kindle books as well as softcover.  It doesn't matter which version you purchase, 10% of July sales will be donated to The House Rabbit Society!


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