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The Sounds of Kitsune!


The other day I realized that out of all the videos I've taken of Kitsune over the years, I've never posted one of him barking.  So here you have it, a short video of the sounds of Kitsune!

Kit's funny, ever since he was a puppy he's made that growling sound when he's playing.  We're used to it so don't really think anything of it, but it sometimes freaks other people out when they hear it for the first time.  Especially when he's playing with other dogs.  I guess because a lot of people associate growling with aggression, but it is normal for dogs to play growl too!  Kitsune's always been very vocal when he plays, especially when he plays with other dogs.


Anyways, now you know what Kitsune sounds like!  Comment below, can you tell the difference between your dog's bark and other dog's barks?  I don't know if this is weird, but I've always been good at distinguishing which bark belongs to which dog.  There are a lot of dogs living in our apartment building, and I can always tell who is barking without actually seeing the culprit.


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