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In Loving Memory of Haku (7/17/2008 – 9/24/2014)


I'm posting with a very heavy heart today.  Haku, my male snow blizzard het. diablo blanco leopard gecko, passed away yesterday morning.  For anyone who hasn't been following his story, he started going downhill back in June.  I don't really want to get into the details of his condition in this post, but if you search my blog or just scroll through the posts I've made since June (2014) you can read about his struggles.  I'd rather focus on his life than his death now, but I will say that he did pass peacefully.  He was an awesome little lizard and will be missed. 

qwqw Haku, along with Barnaby, was one of the original pets I brought with me when my fiance and I first moved into our apartment together.  Probably Haku's favorite thing to do was to eat!  I'm sure lots of pets feel the same way.  He was pretty good about being handled, although he was (to date) the only one of my geckos to ever bite me.

Haku had a funny personality.  He was enthusiastic about almost everything he did, be it eating, sleeping, exploring, or cranking at me.  He was actually pretty vocal for a leopard gecko, making all kinds of grunts and squeaks when he didn't get his way.  He had the "leopard gecko scream' mastered, and wasn't afraid to use it!


Haku's coolest physical feature was his eyes.  He had two different looking eyes.  One was solid black and the other was a normal looking leopard gecko eye.  He was kind of a greyish color with a white tummy.  He could change colors from being lighter to darker.  He was always the largest of my geckos and even after getting sick, still enjoyed eating and never lost much weight.

One of my other geckos, Miyuki, is actually Haku's daughter, and she reminds me so much of him - both how she looks, and her personality are similar to his.  I'm sure I'll think of Haku every time I spend time with his daughter, who will hopefully be around for many many years to come.

I know to many Haku would be "just a reptile", but he was, as all our pets are, a part of our family.  Rest in peace little guy, we will never forget you!




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