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Hoppy Holidays From Barnaby & Poppet!

cb1Just three more Wednesdays (including today) left until Christmas means that I have exactly enough weeks left to post Christmas photos from all my pets, if I post one set a week.  This week I'm starting off with Christmas pictures of Barnaby and Poppet!

It's not easy to get good pictures of these two!  They never want to stay still, and move around so quickly that in most of the pictures I take of them they just look like gray and brown blurs!  I did get a couple that I think came out okay.


I thought that one came out cute, but wish that Poppet's eyes didn't always glow so red in photos.  I've gotten pretty good at avoiding red eye when it comes to taking pictures of all my other pets, but Poppet has weird colored eyes.  They almost look lavender colored in the right lighting, and for whatever reason they just about always look red in photos.  Oh well.



cb4Thankfully I'm also all finished with my Christmas shopping for the bunnies!  I didn't really go overboard for them this year.  They already have a ton of toys, all the supplies they need, a huge cage, and free range of their own room.  Not to mention their own couch and tv!  Speaking of their tv, we got them a Roku stick for Christmas this year.  Sound like a weird gift for rabbits?  It's so I can put Netflix and Pandora on for them in their room.  Other than that, I got them a few small toys, and will be making them some homemade treats.  We just adopted Poppet back in September.  I think giving her a home, and at the same time giving Barnaby a new friend, were really the best gifts we could have given them this year!


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