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Most Popular Dog Names of 2014

1Did you get a new dog in 2014?  Are you thinking of getting one in 2015?  Getting a new puppy isn't all walks in the park and snuggles.  You have to train them, deal with the expenses of caring for a new furry life, and puppies are needy!  Despite all that, it can sometimes feel like giving your new family member the right name is the most frustrating part about adopting a new dog.  It's something your new best friend will have for the rest of his/her life, after all.  You'll most likely eventually forget how expensive all those trips to the vet were, and with proper care, before you know it your naughty little puppy will be a well behaved adult.  But a name is forever!

How do you come up with names for new pets?  Do you try to think of unique names?  Maybe you pick a name from a TV show, or book? compiled a list of all the top dog names of 2014!  You can click that link and scroll down a bit to see the top 200 dog names - 100 for females and 100 for males.  I'm going to post the top 10 for each here...


Have you ever had a dog that was named any of the current top names?  When we named Kitsune, I really wanted something unique.  You don't come across many Kitsunes!  Although strangely enough, we did meet someone on Facebook who also has a Papillon named Kitsune!  How strange is that, that our dogs not only have the same name, but are the same breed as well?


How do you come up with name ideas when you get a new pet?  According to, 21.17% of dog names in 2014 were actually human names.  37% more (verses in 2013) dogs in 2014 were giving food themed names, and 78% more had nature themed names, such as Clover, or Moose.  Pop culture based names came from TV shows such as Disney movies (Frozen seemed quite popular this year), Star Wars, and Game of Thrones.  Sports themed, and technology themed names were also popular this year.

What do you think of the top dog names for 2014?  Personally being a fan of more unique names, I think I'd be more likely to use these lists as a list of things not to call my pets!  But that's not to say that I don't like them.  I've even used a couple of the names on this list in the past.  Zeus, and Ziggy were both names on the top 100 list for males.  I've had rabbits with those names in the past.  Loki was on the list as well, which was one of the names we were considering for Kitsune when we first got him.  I couldn't find any names on the female list that I've ever used, but that's not saying much since most of my pets have been males.

Probably my favorite part of the 2014 data didn't have much to do with names at all.  It was the fact that 94% of surveyed owners said that they consider their dogs to be part of their family.  Because in the end, what we call our pets doesn't matter nearly as much as the fact that we love and care for them.  I'm sure that even dogs with the silliest of names are still just as happy to be part of a loving family.


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