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Sometimes, Dogs Just Need Boots

sssssssssAnd Santa shirts too!

Do you ever put clothes on your pet?  Are you against dressing pets?  Last week the weather here went from feeling like spring, to bitter cold and snowy.  Of course, being a dog owner, I don't get to use the bad weather as an excuse to stay inside.  Kitsune still has to go out multiple times a day, rain or shine, to go to the bathroom.

I don't have a lot of clothes for Kitsune, and I don't dress him often, but he's always been fine with it when I do.  While they do look absolutely adorable, all of Kitsune's clothes are functional.  He has a few shirts, a rain coat, and of course his boots. 

Although Papillons are long haired dogs, they only have single coats.  They don't have undercoats, the layer of fur that normally acts as insulation in extreme temperatures.  The cold weather does, at times, negatively affect Kitsune.  When it's really cold, especially when it's also windy, I'll throw a t-shirt on Kitsune to keep him warmer during our romps outside.


Dogs wearing shirts or coats are a relatively common sight.  Apparently not so for boots.  I've never seen another dog in our area stomping around in boots, but Kitsune needs them to protect his paws from the road salt in the winter.  Exposure to traditional ice melts, usually made from salts, can injure your furry friend’s feet in a few different ways.  Salt crystals can be irritating if they get caught between doggy toes, and sharp crystals can even cut or puncture pet’s paw pads.  Salt is also drying, and can cause the pads of animals’ feet to become dry, cracked, and sore.  Prolonged exposure to traditional ice melt products can cause chemical burns.

We started putting boots on Kitsune when he was young, after we noticed that walking on the road salt outside was causing him to limp.  Without his boots in the winter, we usually can't even get to the corner of our street before poor Kitsune starts limping.  But with his boots on he's good to go on a normal length walk without any paw pain!

8 thoughts on “Sometimes, Dogs Just Need Boots

  1. K9sOverCoffee

    Aww, Kitsune is rocking the boots & his outfit! Our pups are Boxer mixes and have the same problem of not having insulating undercoats, so they wear their winter jackets quite a bit these days. They also have boots 🙂

    1. Michelle

      I was the same way. Before we actually got a dog, I thought it was silly to dress them up. But Kitsune doesn't mind wearing clothes and they are functional. I dress him up every now and then, depending on the weather.

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