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“Wordless” Wednesday – Kitsune The Snuggle King


I had to take a sick day yesterday.  Luckily Dr.Kitsune, specialist in snuggling, was on duty!  My fuzzy lumpkins, who normally has energy by the bucketful, must have sensed that I wasn't feeling well, because he spent all day quietly by my side.


ffffI'm so lucky to have such a cute pup to keep me company!  I'm still a bit sick, but feeling much better!  With Kitsune around, I'm sure I'll be 100% in no time!

22 thoughts on ““Wordless” Wednesday – Kitsune The Snuggle King

  1. Irwin McNeely

    Looks like you were well taken care of. Ali knows when I am not feeling well and tries her best to comfort me.

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