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Yay or Nay, Dog Poop Composting

dogeyebrows2Don't worry, I'll spare you from having to look at pictures of dog poop, despite this blogs title.  It may not be the funnest part of owning pets, but hey, poop happens!  Growing up my family had a pet rabbit, and my mom is an avid gardener.  My parents have a compost pile in their yard and I remember them diligently collecting our bunny's poop to mix into the compost.  Rabbit poop is one thing.  It doesn't have really any smell to speak of, and it is one of the few types of animal feces that won't burn your plants, even when used fresh (without composting).  Composting the feces of herbivores (rabbit, cows, horses, etc) is pretty common place, but did you know that it's possible to compost the poop of carnivores as well?

Feeling a bit skeptical?  I don't really blame you.  For those interested in reading more, this PDF contains useful information, including step by step instructions on how to compost dog waste.  For anyone interested in composting pet waste, but not up for creating their compost bin from scratch, you can purchase already made dog doo composters.


But why, you ask?  Composting pet waste keeps the poo, and other pollutants such as the plastic bags you use to pick it up, out of the landfill.  It turns your pet's waste into something that, if done properly, can be used as a soil additive.  Many of the commercially sold dog poop composters are meant to be buried underground, making them less of an eyesore.

From what I've read, composted dog poop is ok to use on decorative plants, but shouldn't be used on plants grown for consumption.  Even so, it's important to ensure your compost heats up to the required temperature so that pathogens are eliminated.  If you want to compost pet waste for environmental reasons, but don't want to actually use the resulting compost, it can be buried instead of used for gardening.

What do you think?  Would you ever consider composting your pet's waste?  We live in an apartment, so creating a compost isn't an option for us at the moment.  I'll have to revisit this topic again in the future, once we own our own property.  Even if you decide that composting your pet's waste isn't for you, remember that it's still important to always pick up after your pets!

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