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Interceptor Parasite Preventative Returns to US Market

IIt's been awhile since I last wrote about this. All the way back in 2012, pet owners who used either of the products Sentinel or Interceptor, both manufactured by Novartis Animal Health, were finding themselves faced with having to switch to other brands of heartworm preventative. Novartis Animal Health reported a shortage of its products, apparently due to the fact that the company temporarily closed its NE processing plant in December of 2011. For anyone who doesn't know, both Sentinel and Interceptor are heartworm preventatives. They also help prevent roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, and Sentinel has added ingredients to make it effective against fleas.

I posted updates regarding the shortage quite a few times between when it started in 2012, until Sentinel finally returned to market around April of 2013. In my last update, I reported that while Sentinel was going to be made available again throughout the US, Novartis had decided to discontinue production of Interceptor in the US.


eeeeeMy dog, Kitsune, was originally on Sentinel. When the shortage started my vet and I decided to switch him to Heartgard. I was aware that Sentinel had eventually become available again, but decided to just keep Kitsune on Heartgard. I didn't really see any reason to switch him back when Heartgard was working well for us.

After I wrote about Sentinel being back, and Novartis' decision to discontinue Interceptor, I kind of lost interest in the topic.  The posts I had written about the shortage stopped getting as many views, as I assume most pet owners by that time had either switched back to Sentinel or, like me, had switched to another brand of preventative.

However, it has recently come to my attention that Interceptor is in fact returning to the us market.  Apparently, a company called Elanco Animal Health acquired Novartis Animal Health last year, and they have decided to bring Interceptor back.  A different company,Virbac Corp., acquired the rights to Sentinel and Sentinel Spectrum.

Kind of confusing right?  I guess the take away message is that Interceptor is once again being sold through veterinarians in the US.  Personally, I'll probably just continue to use Heartgard for Kitsune, at least for now.  But anyone interested in switching to Interceptor should be able to now - talk to your vet to see if they currently keep it in stock.  Comment below!  What type of heartworm preventative do you use for your pets?  Were you affected by the Sentinel/Interceptor shortage?

3 thoughts on “Interceptor Parasite Preventative Returns to US Market

  1. Tracy

    I had our previous dog on Interceptor, but had to switch to HeartGuard for a couple of years too. She past at age 15yrs. Then we got our new 5mo. old pup, on his 1st vet visit, they found whip worms. He got them, evidentially from the breeders home. He was dewormed & put on HeartGuard for heart worm prevention for 6mo. HeartGuard does not protect against whip worms. Whip worms can live in the soil for 7yrs. & are almost impossible to get rid of. They are also hard to detect in the dogs stool, unless extremely infested. I was upset, they weren't selling Interceptor any more, only Sentinel, which has that added ingredient, that deforms flea babies, so as adults the are unable to feed on your dogs blood. Your dog will still get fleas biting him. You are just less likely to get your home infested with fleas. Our vet does not recommend using just that for flea prevention. I have just been trying to catch & kill any fleas, I find on my dog, but it may get out of hand, as we are in September. I did my research, & basically felt I had no choice, if we were going to whip these whip worms. I recently bought our 2nd 6mo.of Sentinel & today got an offer of a discount on 12mo. Interceptor ); l hate using these pills, but hate using the flea poison drops on his back even worse. PS Saw awful reactions to Trifexis on YouTube & read a lot of horrible stories. DO YOUR RESEARCH ~ PET PARENTS!

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