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MHopefully no one is too sick of reading about my Leopard geckos.  I know I already wrote about Aurora, Haku (RIP), and Leopard geckos in general during the A to Z challenge.  But today we're at M, and I just can't pass up the opportunity to write about the amazing Miss Miyuki.  Miyuki is my Diablo Blanco Leopard gecko.  She's 3 years old, and will be 4 in June.

Miyuki was actually born here!  Aurora, who I wrote about on the first day of the A to Z challenge, is her mother, and Haku, who unfortunately passed away last September, is her father.  Aurora laid Miyuki's egg on April 24th, 2011, and she hatched on June 14th.  I was very lucky to actually be able to watch her hatch!


DSCN7359-(2)Miyuki was the only one of Aurora and Haku's babies to actually hatch.  All the rest of the eggs Aurora laid were infertile.  When she first hatched, Miyuki was bright bubble gum pink, and only weighed 4 grams.  After getting to watch her hatch, and with her being Haku and Aurora's only offspring, of course I had to keep her!

Her name is Japanese, and can have a couple of different meanings including "beautiful fortune", "deep snow", "beautiful snow", "happiness", and "good fortune".  I originally picked the name because of the "beautiful snow" meaning.  I knew that Miyuki would be a beautiful white gecko when she got older.  I also liked it because her father's name, Haku, is also Japanese.  I often call Miyuki Yuki for short.

Miyuki2Miyuki reminds me a lot of Haku.  She looks more like him than she does Aurora, and has a similar, spunky personality.  With Yuki around, I feel like I still have a part of Haku here with me.

Yuki and Aurora each live in their own, side by side, tanks.  I posted some pictures of where they live here.  Yuki doesn't love being handled, but she tolerates it.  She does, however, love to eat!  She's also pretty active for a gecko, and spends a lot of time climbing around and exploring her tank.  I change up her tank decorations pretty often, so she can have new stuff to investigate.

Have you ever had a reptile for a pet?  I know some people think they are boring.  It's not like you really play with them.  But I really enjoy spending time working on their tanks, and I do think they have more personality than most people give them credit for.  Both my Leopard geckos come out of hiding when I go into the room they're in.  True, they probably just associate me with food, but it's still cute watching them walk up to the side of their tanks to greet me.



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