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Old Pets are Awesome!

OCurrently my oldest pet is Barnaby the bunny, who, at 8 years old, is officially a senior.  Barnaby's pretty spry for an old guy, luckily.  So far we haven't had to deal with any major health issues with him.  I started him on joint supplements recently, to hopefully stave off the onset of arthritis - an ailment as common in older animals as it is in people.  My next oldest pet is one of my Leopard geckos, Aurora, who will be 7 this September.  My dog, Kitsune, is currently 6.  My other pets, Poppet (rabbit) and Miyuki (gecko) will both be turning 4 this year.

Caring for older pets can be a bittersweet experience.  No one really wants to think about their best friends getting older and, eventually, dieing.  For many people dealing with the death of a pet will be their first real experience with death, and losing a loved one is never easy.  But being blessed by an senior pet isn't all doom and gloom - Old pets are awesome!


wwwIf you've had the opportunity to raise your pet into old age, it means you've had years to make happy memories together.  There's no friend better than an old friend!  If you adopted a senior pet - first of all thank you!  Keep in mind that old doesn't mean incapable.  Senior pets can still enjoy the good things in life, like toys, food, and snuggles with their favorite person.  And you most certainty can teach an old dog new tricks!

Animals don't understand aging the way that humans do.  They live each day in the now, and don't think about or fear what the future holds.  That means that, no matter how old your pet gets, each day you have with them is a new opportunity to make happy memories.  Old pets, in general, are better behaved than their younger counterparts, and as long as they don't have any major health issues, they can be easier to care for than rambunctious youngsters.

I hope that my current pets stay with me for many, many more happy years.  But I d0 think that knowing that they have comparatively short life spans makes me appreciate my time with them more.  Watching them grow over the years has been truly an honor, and the time I spend with my old friends is a blessing.

Comment below - If you have pets, how old is your oldest?  What types of things do your seniors enjoy?


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