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Paw Print Pet Blog on Youtube

YTomorrow is the last day of April, and thus the last day of the A to Z blog challenge!  I'm not going to lie, I have mixed feelings about the challenge coming to an end.  While I've had a lot of fun thinking of and writing posts on an almost daily bases, as well as connecting with fellow bloggers, this month has also been exhausting!

With all my hobbies, my writing, my job, and increasing how much time I've spent working on this blog, I've really started to feel like there just aren't enough hours in a day!  And of course I still need to find time to spend with my fiance and our amazing pets!


Despite tomorrow being the last day of the challenge, I feel like I'm kind of starting to wind things down today.  I'll still be posting tomorrow, of course.  For anyone interested, the plan in May is to go back to my Monday, Wednesday, Friday posting schedule.  Posting three times a week seems to be a good balance for me.  It allows me to keep the blog active with new content regularly, but also gives me a bit more time to work on other stuff I need to get done.  Apparently there is this thing called "sleep", and from what I've heard it's actually kind of important.

Before the A to Z challenge ends, I wanted to take the time to re-share my social media pages.  Especially the Paw Print Pet Blog Youtube channel, partly because Youtube starts with y and I'm not feeling all that creative today, and partly because that particular Youtube channel is actually relatively new.  I just set it up this month, and plan to post lots of adorable videos of the Paw Print Pack!

Kitsune still has his Youtube channel as well.  I'm probably going to continue posting videos of Kitsune on his channel, but will upload videos of my other pets, as well as any video reviews, onto the new channel.

Other than Youtube, I also have Paw Print Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, and Pinterest accounts set up.  Feel free to like/follow/subscribe to any/all of my social media pages, hit the "Follow" button down near the bottom of the page, and/or join us over on the Paw Print Pet Forums.  I always love hearing from my readers and chatting with fellow pet lovers!

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