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Bunny Pic Spam


I'm going to apologize ahead of time - when I say "pic spam" I mean pic spam!  It's been awhile (too long!) since I've spent time trying to get cute new pictures of the bunnies.  Between Barnaby normally wanting nothing to do with humans, and Poppet bouncing around like she got into a month's supply of coffee, getting good pictures of my bunny couple is no easy task!  Armed with craisins, mostly to bribe Barnaby to come within two feet of me, I set off to attempt to acquire some new bunny pics this past weekend.  Out of all the pics I got, these were my favorites...








  • They are so cute! There's nothing wrong with a little pic spam every now and again. I can't blame you for wanting to share all of this cuteness!

  • Pip

    Oh my gosh, they are ALL so adorable. We have a bunny sister named Lulu!

  • Ohhhhh they are adorable!!


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