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Decoding Your Dog Infographic From Havahart Wireless


Happy June!  I hope everyone has been enjoying the summer weather, although it isn't technically summer yet.  Spring/summer around where we live, and I'm sure in many other places, often times means puppy season!  Kitsune absolutely adores puppies (can you blame him?) and has been having a ball greeting all the new arrivals at our local park.

But as us seasoned dog owners know, puppy parenthood isn't all play and puppy breathe.  Dogs can be a lot of work!  Part of caring for our furry friends properly involves learning how to speak their language.  Understanding dog can help us to better understand how our dogs are feeling, what they might need to make them feel even better, and/or if something is amiss.

Havahart Wireless put together this awesome Decoding your Dog Infographic that I wanted to share with you all today.  Enjoy, and comment below - what are some things your pet does to help you understand how he/she is feeling?

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