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Gecko Tank Updates


I'll try to keep this as wordless as possible today!  I just wanted to share a couple of new pictures that I took of the gecko girls and their tanks last weekend.  Miyuki seems to get frustrated if I keep her tank the same for too long.  She's usually good for a couple of weeks, then starts spending a lot of her time trying to escape.  I've been considering trying her in a bioactive set up, and/or possibly upgrading her to a bigger tank, but for now I just have to change things up every couple of weeks in an attempt to keep her entertained.


Aurora doesn't have as many hides as Miyuki.  Aurora's pretty chill and not the most active gecko in the world, so has always seemed content with a simple setup.


And some better pictures of the girls...



Miyuki needs to gain weight.  She went off her food for a bit, but we got it all figured out and she's eating like a champ again.  I'm sure we'll have her fattened up in no time.

Has anyone ever set up a bioactive desert tank before?  I haven't decided yet if I want to go for it or not.  I still have a lot of research to do, either way Miyuki, possible Aurora as well, will be getting tank upgrades soon.

7 thoughts on “Gecko Tank Updates

  1. Vicki

    I've never had a Gecko, but did have an Iguana once I named Clyde. He loved being held and rubbed. Do your Gecko's like that?

    1. Michelle @ Paw Print Pet Blog

      I've kept iguanas in the past as well! My geckos don't mind being handled but they weren't always so tolerant of it. It seems to be something they need time to get used too. I don't rub/pet them so much since they're on the small side, but Miyuki especially seems to enjoy coming out of her cage to walk around and explore.

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