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Rabbit, Rabbit!


It's so crazy to me that tomorrow is already the first day of September!  We've been dealing with pretty hot temperatures here, so I'm hoping the new month brings some cool weather with it.  Speaking of first of the month, have you ever heard of the theory that if you say the words "rabbit, rabbit", or some form thereof, that you'll have good luck all month long? 

I think the first time I ever heard of this tradition was on my Facebook page.  I used to be quite active in the rabbit rescue scene, and thus met many awesome rabbit lovers.  A few of them would always set their Facebook statues to say "rabbit, rabbit, rabbit", or "white rabbit" on the first of the month.  Curious, I set out to discover the meaning behind this monthly tradition.

No white rabbits here, but I just adore these two!
No white rabbits here, but I just adore these two!


Apparently, as the tradition goes, if "rabbit" is the first thing you say out loud on the first of each month, you'll be blessed with good luck all month long!

I found some variations on this rabbity theme.  Apparently for some, just saying 'rabbit' once is good enough.  Others repeat the word a couple of times (two or three times seems most common), and others say "white rabbit" instead of just "rabbit".

The tradition seems to have evolved in Great Britain around the 1900's (some sources disagreed and say it started even earlier than that).  I haven't been able to find much info on how it started.  I do know that rabbits have been synonymous with good luck for centuries.  In many different cultures rabbits are used to symbolize creativity, good fortune, fertility, and new beginnings.

The "rabbit, rabbit" theory is certainly something I like much more than the more popular "lucky" rabbit's foot.  I sometimes joke that my good luck comes from having so many lucky rabbit's feet - but mine are all still attached to live rabbits!

Only learning about the "rabbit, rabbit" first of the month tradition recently, it's not something I'm in the habit of doing.  I think it's a cute idea, but I always forget to say it.  Maybe I'll finally remember tomorrow morning!  What about you?  Comment below!  Have you ever heard of this tradition before?  Is it something you did growing up?

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