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New Kitsune Pictures & Cuddle Clones Coupon

WordlessImageI hope everyone's September is off to an amazing start!  Awhile ago now I came across the company Cuddle Clones, and have been pining after a Kitsune Cuddle Clone ever since!

Cuddle Clones is a company that makes plush replicas of your pet based off of pictures.  During the ordering process they allow you to attach lots of pictures of your pet from all different angles.  I haven't ordered my Kitsune clone yet, but spent some time the other day taking lots of new pup pictures.


Mr.Kitsune wasn't too agreeable to getting his picture taken when I had my camera out so we'll have to have at least one more photo shoot before we're ready to order our Cuddle Clone.  I'll have to do it soon since I really like how his fur looks at its current length.

For anyone interested, Cuddle Clones can aalso create figurines based off your pet, and they more recently started offering memorial items as well.

I was planning on waiting to mention Cuddle Clones until we have our own clone to show off/review.  But Paw Print Pet Blog recently became an affiliate with Cuddle Clones which means we're now able to offer our readers a 10% off code!  The unique nature of Cuddle Clones means that you have to wait awhile to receive them after ordering.  I figured that aasome of you who are just learning about Cuddle Clones might want to get your order in ASAP so would appreciate the discount code now.

So you can use the code "PawPrint" during checkout on the Cuddle Clones website to get 10% off your order!  If you order a clone I'd love to hear about your experience!  I'll be sure to share our experience once we get our Kitsune plush as well.

  • We're pining after our own Cuddle Clones too-it's such a neat idea!

  • Kitsune is so cute! I don't blame you at all for wanting a cuddle clone! I've been wanting to order them, too!

    • Aw thanks! They are really cute. I have a Sock Dog plush made to look like Kitsune too but I just love how the Cuddle Clones can look so realistic.

  • I may have to order one of these for Haley! We kind of lucked out that the dog from The Black Dog Tavern in Martha's Vineyard looks just like Haley and we've got a little stuffed puppy from them. Haley's puppy collar fits perfectly on the stuffed dog so it's a cute way to keep and display her first collar.

    • I want to do the same thing when we get our Cuddle Clone! They said they could make a life size plush of Kitsune because I really want to be able to put one of his collars and harnesses on it. I hate thinking of this stuff but I thought it'd be a sweet memorial someday when the real Kitsune isn't with us anymore.

      • I've thought that same thing! I hate thinking those kinds of thoughts too but I guess it's just part of being human. But now I'm wondering if dogs have thoughts like that...Maybe they're scared that we've passed away when we're gone for a long period of time and that's why they're so happy to see us when we come home, haha! Maybe when they cherish our socks, they're thinking "At least I have these memorial socks to remember her by". Lol!

  • Ryan Whitenett

    I made my order and was told I would receive it in 2 months at the end of January. I left several messages wonder about the status of my order. I was told 2 or 3 more times that I would receive at the end of January. I told them if I couldn't get it by Feb1 then I just wanted a refund. This being the last couple of days before February I inquired as to the status of my order. They tell me it will be shipped in a couple of weeks. I then ask for a refund and am told... sorry, you cannot get a full refund. They want me to pay $25 because they already made a 3d graphic.

    Liars which amounts to thieves. Save your money and time and search out their competitors.

    • Michelle

      Aw I'm sorry you had a bad experience. I understand that custom items like this take time to create, but if they told you a certain delivery time frame and then weren't able to live up to it they should have kept you well informed and been able to issue a full refund if they weren't able to deliver on time. Where you going to give it as a gift or something?

      I still haven't ordered from them. I probably will eventually, but I'm not going to need mine by any specific date.


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