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Havahart Wireless Pet Safety Infographic

66Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you all had an amazing week, and are looking forward to a fun weekend.  I know my posts have been a bit on the lighter side lately.  I've really been wanting to spend more time blogging, but my job has been getting in the way.  I haven't had a day off in over two weeks now!  Hopefully things will die down a bit soon.  In the meantime, today I wanted to share an awesome pet safety infographic created by Havehart Wireless.

Pet Safety Net - An infographic by the team at Havahart Wireless

I get asked quite often to share infographics on my blog, but am quite selective about which I actually share.  I thought this one had some really valuable information.  I had actually never heard of emergency acupuncture being used to attempt to restart a dog's heart.  That's something I'm planning on doing more research on.  The first aid section reminded me that I really have to get around to restocking ours!  I got in the bad habit of using items out of our first aid kit and then not replacing them right away.

Pet guardians never really want to think about things like their pet getting poisoned, or needing rescue breathing.  But knowing how to help your pet in an emergency situation, or how to avoid the situation all together (ex. by keeping toxic items away from your pet) really can save your pet's life!  Comment below, what are some safety tips you follow to help keep your pet(s) safe?


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