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Pupdate on Fenrir!

663I'm going to do these posts a bit differently - rather than posting updates really often I'm going to keep a running post, almost like a diary, on Fen and then publish the posts every so often so everyone can read about our progress.  This way I can share all the puppy fun without my blog turning into one huge puppy party (although that sounds kind of awesome).

55555October 4th, 2015: You don't know how long it took me to get that one semi good picture of Mr. Wiggles!  He is the cutest pup, but getting him to stay still long enough to snap a good picture is an almost impossible task!  Today Fen has been with us for a full week!  He has even more energy now than he did when we first got him, and loves to play.

Kitsune has really warmed up to him and wants to play with him so much.  I let them have short, supervised play time together a couple of times a day.  Fen is still much smaller than Kit, so I'm very careful to make sure Kit doesn't accidentally hurt him.  Luckily Kit is gentle.  I think the two of them are on track to becoming great friends.


October 6th: Isn't he just adorable when he's sleeping!  I think the theme of today is "thank dog for puzzle toys"!  Fen's been (trying to) get a bit destructive - his favorite adversaries being anything made of paper/cardboard (books, boxes, etc), my vacuum cleaner (lol), and our bedroom rug (he digs his teeth down into the fibers and tries to pull them up).  Don't worry - he's being supervised 24/7.  But I'm tired (he still gets up at night for bathroom breaks and then wakes up around 6am) and I do have work I need to get done.  This morning I broke out some of Kit's old puzzle toys that I had in storage since Kit wasn't too interested in them anymore.  I'm so glad I decided to keep them!

I'm really impressed with how well he's been taking to his crate.  Crate training Kitsune was really a struggle, so I was prepared for it to take some time.  However, Fen's slept in his crate since day one and really only gets fussy when he needs to use the bathroom.  During the day he's not in his crate much but I do put him in it if I need to get something done and won't be able to keep an eye on him.

October 7th:  This morning Fen had a vet appointment.  He didn't need any shots or anything, just a checkup and so we could get him dewormed.  We're going to be spending a lot of time at the vet.  I already have to take him in again next week for a shot.

Everyone at his vet office loves him.  He's the talk of the office when we're there.  I was hoping all the attention he got would tire him out a bit, but it didn't.  When we got home again he was so hyper!  Such is life with a puppy, I suppose.

dddOctober 9th: Guess who's been sleeping through the night - quietly in his crate no less?  Mind you we go to bed late, and Fen has been waking up around 6:30 - 7am, but no more waking me up multiple times a night to use the bathroom.

Other than that, he seems to be going through a bit of a rebellious stage.  It's funny because he's 9 weeks old now, which was how old Kitsune was when he got him and he was an absolute terror.  Fen's gotten even more hyper, because that was somehow possible, and he's found his voice.  The little sounds he makes are so cute, but I'm trying to discourage too much barking right off the bat.

dddOctober 11th:  Today we've had Fenrir for two weeks!

Raising Kitsune turned two weeks into a magical number.  "Survive the first two weeks and it will all get easier!"  When Kit was a puppy, two weeks was how long it took him to start sleeping through the night.  I'm sure the 'extra' sleep helped me to better deal with his antics after that.

Two weeks in with Fen and yes, some things have gotten easier, but there is no 'magical number' when it comes to raising puppies.  Kit is almost 7 now and he still frustrates me sometimes.  Living with a dog is a lifetime commitment and I'll be dealing with Fen's silly antics for hopefully years and years to come!

October 14th: Poor pup-pup had to go to the vet again this morning.  Just to get a puppy shot and so I could bring in a poo sample to make sure he's worm free.  He weighs a whopping 3.4lbs.  As long as I don't get a call from the vet saying that he still has worms (fingers crossed), and nothing unexpected happens, we'll get a break from the vets for a couple of weeks.

I'm going to post this today so it doesn't get tooo long.  I was going to wait until Friday, but I have a review I want to get done by the end of the week and this post is already getting pretty long!  I'll leave off with a video of Fen speaking for himself!  Just so no one thinks he's barky and annoying - I had to take quite a bit of video to cut out these short clips of him barking/talking.  He does bark some, mostly when he's playing, but so far he's a pretty quiet pup.

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