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Kitsune Got Fat!


I'm very ashamed to admit it, but Kitsune is overweight.  I've written about obesity in pets here before and generally in the past haven't had much of an issue keeping my pets at healthy weights.  We're generally a pretty active family, and I feed my pets high quality foods.  But lately life has been a bit crazy and I think the combination of too many treats and not enough exercise lead to Kit packing on a few too many pounds.

Before we got our new puppy, Fen, I noticed that Kit was starting to look a bit hefty.  I started trying to be a bit more conscious about what he was eating and he got down to 19 lbs.  But then que the crazy.  Work for me got insanely busy.  My fiance works so much he's almost never home during the work week, so I'm left caring for our crazies on my own.

Over the summer Kit and I started spending less time at the park.  Sometimes I blamed it on the weather.  Other times it was just sheer laziness, or that I wanted to start work early.  Kit is a real foodie.  I got into the bad habit of giving him extra treats throughout the day - I think, in part, because I felt guilty for not playing with him as much.

Things died down a bit at work but rather than things going back to normal, we got a puppy!  Of course puppies are quite needy little critters, and for the past month I've found myself spending so much time taking care of the new baby, that again Kitsune's exercise took a back seat.  I didn't realize how bad things had gotten until the other day.  I weighed Kit and he's 22 lbs - the most he's ever weighed.

Is he the fattest dog in the world?  No.  But I adore my pets and want to do whatever I can to keep them as healthy as possible.  A couple of extra pounds might not sound like a lot to a human, but it's a lot for a dog.  Plus, I figured it's a good time to get back on the bandwagon when it comes to keeping my boys at healthy weights.  Puppies grow up quickly and the last thing I need is two overweight dogs!

So what's my game plan?  This week we started going back to the park.  I only took Kit twice, but that's better than not going at all!  This weekend I need to buy Kit food, and am going to recalculate how much to feed him based on the fact that he gets a lot of treats throughout the day.  Yesterday I made him new, healthy treats.  Kitsune and Fenrir have been spending more time playing lately, and I've been making an effort to play with each of them one on one for at least half an  hour, if not more, a day.

I'm not setting any diet plan for him in stone.  I'm pretty much just going to work on improving his diet, and exercising/playing with him more.  We'll take things one day at a time, and as his weight improves (or not) we'll adapt as needed.  I'll keep you all updated!




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