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December Pet Gift Box Review

66Last week, just before Christmas, our boys received their December Pet Gift Box. The timing really couldn't have been any more perfect!  Pet Gift Box has been doing awesome on their themes lately, and December's box was full of holiday themed items.  Our box got here the day before our yearly holiday party, and I was excited to actually be able to use some of the items at our party.  Other items in this month's box went right into the boy's stockings - extra gifts from Santa Paws!

Most of you probably know all about it by now, but for anyone new - Pet Gift Box is a monthly pet subscription box that caters to both dogs and cats!  The boxes we review are for a small (20 lb) dog.  I have two dogs now, both small, so they usually share the monthly goodies.  Here's what we got this month!


Gourmet Holiday Blend Treats: These are made in the US beef tips and what looked like trachea.  The treats are dried - we got two trachea chews, which my boys both loved, and a bunch of dried beef tips.  These treats were packaged especially for Pet Gift Box by a company called Butcher's Block Pet Treats.

Cloud Star Buddy Biscuits: Cloud Star is a familiar brand in our house.  Cloud Star's Buddy Wash is a bath time staple here and the boys both love buddy biscuits too!  Pet Gift Box sent us gingerbread flavored treats - they don't contain any poultry or eggs so both of my dogs can enjoy these!

Zippy Paws Holiday Scarf:  This is one of the items I made use of at our holiday party!  Kitsune is quite the dapper gentleman and regularly wears bow ties.  For our party he decided to go with his new, festive scarf instead.  He looked adorable in it - the most festively dressed party goer!  The scarf kept coming loose and almost falling off him though, so I had to keep fixing it.  I was afraid it would fall off and he'd loose it outside.  Also, we got the small sized scarf and it was way to big for Fenrir.  Kitsune is around 20 lbs and it fit him perfectly.

Pet House Candle:  This was a little sample candle rather than a full sized one, but it was big enough to last awhile during our holiday  party.  I love my pets more than anything, but I don't always love their smells.  I spend a lot of time working to keep my house clean, but still sometimes worry that guests can smell our pets.  This candle smelled good and seemed to do a good job at covering any lingering pet odors.

Petlou Snowman Toy: You can't really go wrong with plush squeaky toys in our house!  It's Kitsune's favorite type of toy, and Fenrir really enjoys them too.  The pup's new snowman friend looked adorable in their stocking, and seems to be holding up well so far.  The only thing to note is that this toy is made in China.

Another fun box!  We've been especially impressed with the quality of the treats that Pet Gift Box has been sending lately.  I like that they sometimes send pet themed stuff for me, like the candle in this month's box, and the wearable stuff for the dogs (like this month's scarf) is great too.

Did anyone else get a Pet Gift Box this month?  Did you get the same items we did?  What did your pet think of them?

**We received our Pet Gift Box for free in exchange for our honest review.  We were not compensated for this review and as always, only share content we feel will be beneficial to our readers.


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