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Pet New Years Resolutions


Many people make new years resolutions for themselves.  What about for your pets?  If your pet could talk, what do you think they'd tell you their new years resolutions are? Since they can't talk for themselves, did you make any pet related resolutions this year?  Below are some new years resolution ideas that will benefit both you and your pet!

  1. Save money by investing in preventative care for your pet. Keeping your pet healthy can help to eliminate some expensive vet visits later on.  Take your pet to the vet for a yearly checkup, especially if it's been awhile since they last saw their vet.
  2. Resolve to maintain your pets healthy weight. Overweight pets are subject to some of the same types of ailments that overweight people are. Feed your pet a high quality food, and don't forget to make sure treats and chews are high quality and healthy as well!
  3. Spend a little bit of time, at least a few times a week, to work on training your pet. Pets that are well trained make better members of society, and are easier to live with. Training is great mental stimulation for your pet, can be a great way to combat boredom, and can also help eliminate destructive behaviors that often times stem from boredom. If your pet already has the basics down, consider moving on to more advanced tricks.
  4. Keep your pet well groomed. Make sure you keep their nails trimmed, and their coats clean and tangle free. Don't forget to brush your pet's teeth! For pets who live in a cage, keep their cage as clean as possible. Well groomed pets who are kept in clean conditions are often happier and healthier.
  5. There's nothing pets love more than to spend quality time with their humans. Base the time spent with your pet on things you like to do together. Does your pet like to go to the park, hike, play with toys, or just snuggle with you in front of the tv? No matter what you and your pet enjoy doing together, set aside some time each day to spend some quality time with your pet. It will be great for both of you!

sdsdsThe above resolutions are things I think all pets (and their people too!) could benefit from.  Although I plan on doing all of the above for all of my pets, some of the goals apply more strongly to certain critters.

Kitsune is currently a bit overweight, so slimming him down is something I want to focus on.  Fenrir is going to be my main training challenge for 2016.  He's only 5 months old, so still has a lot to learn!  My rabbit, Barnaby, is a senior now so my main goals for him are just to keep him happy, healthy, and to spend as much quality time with him as possible.

What other pet resolutions can you come up with?  No matter what your goals are for the upcoming year, I'd like to wish you all a happy new year!  Best wishes for a pawsomly amazing 2016!


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