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Fenrir’s First Snow

WordlessImageThis week was the first time since last winter that we've had to put our heat on.  Most of our winter so far has been unusually warm.  I enjoy the cold, and am fond of the snow especially when it comes in time for the winter holidays.  After how warm most of our winter has been, I was beginning to think we weren't going to get any snow at all this season.  I was especially sad about it this year because I really wanted to see how my little pocket wolf, Fenrir, would react to it.

Kitsune hates the rain, but loves playing in the snow.  Fenrir doesn't mind the rain, in fact loves playing in water, but until recently had never seen snow.  Despite looking like someone shrunk a husky, Fenrir is under 10 lbs and gets cold easily.  Because of this, I wasn't sure whether or not he'd actually enjoy the snow.  The other day we got a bit of snow, under an inch, and Fenrir seemed to enjoy it.

That was right after we took him outside in it for the first time.  I didn't get a video of it, but at one point he was rolling and running around in it.  I wish I had gotten a better video but it was dark and I actually had both dogs with me, so I couldn't really focus on recording.

Apparently they are forecasting a much bigger storm for this weekend.  I'm hoping I can get some better pictures/videos of my little snow dog then!

  • Cathy C Bennett

    I must say I've never met a pup who didn't like a little snow!

  • jody

    We hardly ever get snow and I'm from Ohio so I miss it. We're in GA now. Looks like yours loves it! I'm so glad to be connecting to pet bloggers!

    • Thanks for stopping by! My guys do enjoy the snow. It's a good thing, since we just got over 27 inches of it over the weekend!

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